• Possibility Management


  • The Global Trainer Guild Torus is an alliance of the Possibility Management Trainers who are dedicated to building in-country Trainer Circles in new lands for delivering the tools, thoughtmaps, distinctions, and processes of Possibility Management beginning by creating an Expand The Box training.


    We are a team of international Trainer trainers.


    This website has been assembled to help inform and empower the newly forming local Trainer Circles during their journey of coming together and flaming on. This is an information-rich website, more like a Handbook than a website.


    The Global Trainer Torus is a subgroup - a so-called node - of the Possibility Management Trainer Torus whose central website is https://possibilitymanagement.org


    At all times there are at least two spaceholders for the Possibility Management Trainer Torus gameworld.

    At this time the spaceholders are:

    Cornelius Butz

    Mobil: +49 (0) 176 325 053 82
    Telefon +49 (0) 711 870 321 0

    <info at corneliusbutz dot de>

    and Clinton Callahan +49 1629108208 <clinton at nextculture dot org>
    The next Trainer Torus Togethering (TTT) is scheduled for
    24. - 28. April 2019 at Seminarhaus Hirtenberg:


    The Trainer Torus uses the Torus Meeting format.

    The Global Trainer Torus also uses the Torus Meeting format.

    And the new local Trainer Circles are also using the Torus Meeting format.

    For more information about the Torus Meeting format please visit





    New distinctions build the matrix in your energetic body to hold more consciousness.

    Below are some distinctions that may help you make better use of this website and also make better use of the opportunity of being a Possibility Management Trainer.



    RESPONSIBILITY is applied consciousness.


    In other words, RESPONSIBILITY is consciousness in action.


    RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY starts by taking responsibility for the level of responsibility being taken which is usually determined by your childhood-created personality - your so-called BOX. Radical responsibility is unconditional responsibility. It is not fair. It is, however, a tremendous source of High Level Fun!


    Your BOX is your psychological defense strategy, your ego, your identity, your comfort zone, your belief system, and your worldview. You assembled your BOX out of interpretations, assumptions, beliefs, decisions, conclusions, expectations, stories, meanings, and so on.


    Your GREMLIN is the active part of your Box dedicated to doing whatever it takes to defend your Box. "Whatever it takes..." means that your Gremlin will use irresponsible actions to keep things the same for you because then at least your Box functions and you can continue to survive. Your Gremlin is neither good nor bad. Whatever part of your Gremlin you don't own, owns you.


    Your MATRIX is the structure in your energetic body that holds consciousness. Matrix is built out of distinctions - like these.

    By making the effort to integrate this list of distinctions into your Being (your energetic body) you are building a sizeable chunk of matrix. This is not only cool, it may also be useful.


    If you succeed in integrating any of these distinctions into your energetic body (your Being), your old self-experience will ressassemble itself and during this LIQUID STATE your energetic body will take on a new shape. When your energetic body changes shape the universe is forced to interact with you differently. Each of the 5 bodies has its own characteristic kinds of liquid states. None of them are comfortable. The thing about liquid states is this: Without a liquid state, there is no change.


    AUTHENTIC ADULTHOOD INITIATIONS are facilitated processes that cause the specific changes in your Being that allow you to become responsible for things which you never imagined responsibility could be taken, including your Box, your Gremlin, your feelings, your motivations for interpreting things in certain ways, and your transformational liquid states.


    HIGH DRAMA is any action of taking responsibility. High Drama is ARCHETYPAL LINEAGE food.


    LOW DRAMA is any action of avoiding responsibility. Low Drama is Gremlin food.




    MIXED EMOTIONS are Low Drama (Gremlin food).


    A GAMEWORLD is a social construct that establishes ways for human beings to joyfully interact. The joy may be conscious and then the interaction creates High Drama, or the joy may be unconscious and then the interaction creates Low Drama and feeds your Gremlin.


    You promote the VALUES and level of consciousness of any gameworld you play in. (http://gameworldbuilders.org)


    You can consciously choose to play or not play in any gameworld.


    If your participation in a gameworld is unconscious then you have no choice about the values you promote.


    A ZOMBIE is someone who is not conscious about the values they promote.


    A BRIGHT PRINCIPLE is a force of nature that is a facet of Archetypal Love from the General Field of Consciousness out of which the universe is made. You were born to serve a set of three to six Bright Principles which can be clearly distilled out of your life. Gameworlds also serve a set of Bright Principles which can be distilled.


    POSSIBILITY is a Bright Principle. You can become the space through which the Bright Principle of Possibility does its work in the world.


    A COMMUNITY-OF-PRACTICE is the group of people who participate in a specific gameworld because they have resonance with the gameworld's values and Bright Principles.


    A CONTEXT is the set of distinctions that define a gameworld's values and its relationship to consciousness and responsibility.


    A CODEX is the agreed upon rules of engagement through which participants of a gameworld enliven their gameworld's context.


    An ARCHETYPAL LINEAGE is the intelligence and energy of the service that your 5-bodies are most capable of delivering to the village. Authentic adulthood initiations prepare you to jack-into and serve your Archetypal Lineage.


    A TRAINER delivers authentic adulthood initiations as their Archetypal Lineage in action.


    Your PEARL is your personally encoded triple-layered energetic map that you hid at the center of your Being which graphically reminds you of how you intend to serve your Bright Principles through your Archetypal Lineage this lifetime.


    Opening your Pearl is one authentic adulthood initiation. There are 813 more authentic adulthood initiations... that we know of... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RR0cE7RPYk)


    There are four general classifications of Archetypal Lineage: EARTH GUARDIAN, INTIMACY NAVIGATOR, EVOLUTIONARY, AND GAMEWORLD BUILDER.


    A VILLAGE needs all four Archetypal Lineages consciously collaborating. Trainers tend to be clear about which Archetypal Lineage they have more ability to deliver: Earth Guardians,  Evolutionaries, Intimacy Journeyers, or Gameworld Builders.


    Through authentic adulthood initiations the nolinear possibilities and streetwisdon of your transformed Gremlin start serving you as a wild source of intelligence that you need to deliver the services of your Archetypal Lineage to your village.


    ARCHEARCHY is adulthood culture that naturally emerges after Matriarchy (baby culture) and Patriarchy (adolescent culture) have run their course. Archearchy is archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborating with archetypally initiated adult men.


    Archearchy places authentic adulthood initiatory processes at its center as it highest value.


    POSSIBILITY MANAGEMENT is the High Drama global gameworld where practitioners share what they learn about applying, delivering, and further deepening the distinctions, tools, thoughtware, and processes emerging out of the context of radical responsibility.


    The GLOBAL TRAINER GUILD TORUS is the community-of-practice of evolutionaries in the gameworld of Possibility Management collaborating with Torus Technology (http://torustechnology.org) to train circles of Trainers in new countries to deliver authentic adulthood initiations into Archearchy.


    The first authenticating action of a LOCAL CIRCLE OF TRAINERS in a Trainer Torus is to come together and create an Expand The Box training in their area. (http://createanexpandthebox.strikingly.com)













  • circles within circles

    we live and pray and work and play

    in gameworlds

    Possibility Management is a Gameworld

    Creative human interactions occur within gameworlds that originate from a clearly agreed-upon context.

    A gameworld's context determines the distinctions about how the gameworld relates to consciousness and its values.

    A gameworld's distinctions become effective through thoughtware.

    A gameworld's thoughtware establishes the rules-of-engagement of the gameworld, in other words, how the gameworld works.

    A gameworld's rules-of-engagement are documented in the gameworld's Codex.

    The current draft of the Possibility Management Trainer Torus gameworld Codex is available HERE.


    The gameworld of Possibility Management has evolved in complexity that, in addition to the Global Trainer Torus, there are several additional sub-gameworlds emerging.


    This is fantastic, because, in the ecology of gameworlds, diversity leads to stability.


    Below is a listing of some of the diverse emerging components of the gameworld of Possibility Management.


    Together Expand The Box plus various Possibility Labs provide the main channel through which you can experience the authentic adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes from Possibility Management.

    Expand The Box is the prerequisite for any of the Possibility Labs.

    Keep in mind that there are 51 big initiations that we have so far discovered that are crucial to authentic adulthood.

    A couple of Expand The Box trainings combined with 10 Possibility Labs builds a solid foundation from which you can deliver your Archetypal Lineage to the world.

    Possibility Labs include Women's Lab, Men's Lab, Relationship Lab, Outdoor Lab, Adventure Lab, Possibility Village Lab, Vision Quest Lab, Resilience Lab, and so on.

    Some Labs expand the Possibility Management gameworld into new areas, including Gaia Lab (in the Guardian lineage), Intimacy Journeyer Lab (in the Intimacy Journeyer lineage), Evolutionaries Lab (in the Evolutionaries lineage), and Gameworld Builder Lab (in the Gameworld Builder lineage).

    Beyond these are our Trainer Training environments, such as Trainer Skills Labs and Trainer Research Labs.

    And beyond those are Feelings Practitioner trainings (in the Evolutionaries lineage), and the Next Culture Organization trainings (in the Gameworld Builder lineage).

    (For more information about the four Archetypal Lineage categories please visit http://www.4lineages.strikingly.com.)



    Intimacy Journeyers Lab asks what else can happen after you say, “Hello”?


    Presence and intimacy only happen NOW. Who would you need to be to create more presence and intimacy in this NOW?


    Your 5 bodies are gateways to endlessly mysterious journeys. How does presence extend vertically into archetypal possibilities? How can two people journey there together? How does intimacy depend on being centered, radically responsible, and grounded in reality?


    What is there to do with numbness, fears, and blocks? What if deep wounds or traumas are triggered? What if insecurities or grief arise? How can these be transformed into deeper connections?


    In short, can building your Intimacy Journeyer skills create more resilient and dynamic interactions with a capacity for more presence together?


    We say yes. We claim that preparations, practices, and skill-building processes are keys to entering whole new domains of relational ecstasy.





    Evolutionaries Lab

    Fear and nothingness are your treasures as you step into the unknown and take responsibility for creating valuable results. You fly in the abundance of groundlessness.


    Edgeworkers, change agents, healers, coaches, social entrepreneurs, transformational gameworld designers, those responsible for steering an ecovillage, an NGO, or a restoration project... you are the Sourceresses and Wyzards of your day. Your chances of success increase when your inner-permaculture talents are brought to life during an Evolutionaries Lab.


    Evolutionaries Lab is also for you if you DO NOT want to deliver Expand The Box trainings or Possibility Labs yet you still want to use advanced Possibility Management tools, thoughtware, maps, and processes to deliver the services of your Archetypal Lineage.








    Gameworld Builders











    Feelings Practitioner


    The Feelings Practitioner program certifies healing practitioners in an abundance of Possibility Management tools and processes for treating imbalances in the emotional body. Radically new research is creating common knowledge that successful healing requires treatment of all 4 bodies, physical, mental, energetic, and emotional.





    Next Culture Organization Trainings

    We work with companies and organizations who see the necessity of a paradigm shift and are willing to leave their comfort zones and go a completely new way. We train edgeworkers and support you in implementing next culture leadership in your organization. In our trainings we combine activity-oriented techniques and instruments with personal-development and social-communication skills - essential components of a regenerative business model. You practice extraordinary soft skills for facing challenges as a human being in a team creating new possibilities for everyone.






    30. August - 02. September 2018, Polling, Germany




    Playfight is a powerful tool of self knowledge and transformation.

    We Playfight to know ourselves more, our strength, our inner power and how to use it consciously in relationship with others. This is a safe and conscious space to to express our own inner conscious warrior.
    We use a unique formula that combines wrestling and mindfulness.
    Wrestling is to engage the body and the strength in a safe and respectful way.
    Mindfulness is to observe what happen on a deeper level, what emotions are triggered, what unconscious patterns become evident, and how I might want to play my life in a different way.



    Trainer Skills Labs are transformational theory and skill-building spaces. If the universe is making it clear that it’s time for you to deliver Expand The Box trainings - and you have chosen to accept the offer - then you might want to come to a Trainer Skills Lab.

    Here you will find out wherever you are personally still hooked into low dramas, still projecting mommy and daddy onto external authority figures, still engaging subtle competitions, still listening to voices in your head, still using the three kinds of emotions instead of thriving in the adult ego state, still letting your Gremlin eat the possibilities and intimacies of your life, still not aligning with your Pearl, still not serving your Bright Principles, still not jacked into your Archetypal Lineage, an so on.
    You also learn how to deliver Expand The Box trainings and Possibility Labs, including the archetypal stellating processes, the whole group big processes, the technopenuriaphobia (TPP) healing processes, the authentic adulthood initiatory processes, the elegant and formal processes, the underworld processes, the job manager system, the feedback and coaching on breaks, and, particularly, the processes that have never been done before.



    Trainer Torus Togethering

    Sharing room and food costs, active Trainer Torus members converge to fulfill 5 important purposes:

    1. To build matrix in our energetic bodies through linear, nonlinear, surprising, and intimate Trainer-level experiences.
    2. To weave further connectedness by exchanging research, we share what we have discovered and learn what others have created.
    3. To improve Trainer Torus strategy and tactics for collaborating with other global training centers and initiators, and updating the Trainer Torus Codex if needed.
    4. To deliver kick-butt personal processes for each other to transform things that are too complex, too delicate, or too cleverly Gremlin-defended to be handled in Possibility Lab processes.
    5. To train Trainer-Trainers. In other words, to train Trainers how to deliver Trainer Skills Labs to help bridge humanity from Patriarchy and Matriarchy into Archearchy.
  • How to Become a Possibility Trainer?

    The Trainer Torus Codex explains how to become a Possibility Trainer...

    ... but the Codex is more like guidelines than rules...

    "There are only two rules: what a woman can do and what she can't do."

    (This, of course, applies also to men... probably...)

    The Codex, by the way, sits outside the Torus over 'there' on a shelf whenever you might need to look at it.


    Here are 10 practical steps for progressing on the path of being a Possibility Trainer...

    ...but, because there is no top end,

    the path of Possibility Trainer will never cease to be about being and becoming.

    We in the Trainer Guild Torus remain apprentices, together.

    Discover the Path...

    ...this is not up to you.

    Noticing that ordinariness has disappeared, that something exciting and different has mysteriously replaced it, may cause a crack in your certainty. Sacrificing comfort is not something you do for yourself.

    That is why we call it Step #0. Someone startles you awake and you suddenly become aware of what you were not aware of just a moment before. Your consciousness evolves.

    Possibility Management is usually found by accident, by a series of coincidences. For example, you might see a copy of Radiant Joy Brilliant Love lying around, or Conscious Feelings or Goodnight Feelings. You read a few pages and get hooked. Or someone emails you a S.P.A.R.K. and you do the experiment and it changes your world. Or you read an article authored by a Trainer who writes so richly in rare distinctions that it ignites your unquenchable inspiration for the Path. Your Being wakes up with courage and determination to come out and play in the world.

    Attend Talks or Workshops, and start giving them...

    ...this is up to you.

    Ahh... you have decided to exert your personal will and take

    Step #1.

    Yes, reading and thinking about Possibility Management is one thing. But engaging it first-hand in your life is something else entirely.

    Perhaps you found a flyer or someone invites you to attend a talk or a workshop. Maybe you ask difficult questions there and receive lively answers. Maybe you want more. How do you get it?

    The old wizard once said, "The best way to learn something is to teach it.

    " Yikes!

    That's enough to make your pants brown, isn't it?

    Who do you think you are, to give a talk or workshop on some aspect of Possibility Management as a way of learning it better? Are you crazy?

    Maybe... or else you are a Trainer starting your practical studies. Go ahead! Armed with two or three distinctions or exercises from the books you could give people real value at a workshop!

    Everything in Possibility Management is copyleft. It cannot be copyrighted. So go ahead and steal it! That's what it's for!

    Join or create a Possibility Team...

    ...it's up to you.

    Participating in or creating your own weekly Possibility Team can give you a gentle, persistent, and often profound guidance to Possibility Management in action.

    The purpose of Possibility Team is to practice the 813 additional skills of Possibility Management that are not practiced in Expand The Box training.

    Possibility Team does not replace Expand The Box. It augments it.

    Week after week you build new matrix in your energetic body to hold more consciousness. You make 'Pirate Agreements' with others in the Team to encourage each other to accomplish challenging experiments.

    Unexpectedly the next challenge lands on your bench - a big one: Participate in Expand The Box training!

    "Oh, my god! How will I make the money? How will I get the time off?"

    (Hint: Go to the "How..." section of the FAQs on the PM website and open up "The Money Question." It explains 12 ways to make the money to attend your first Expand The Box training. Your Possibility Team could even work together and sponsor each other one at a time to go there! Team effort!)

    Participate in your first Expand The Box training...

    ...it's up to you.

    Here is where Expand The Box shines!

    Expand The Box is a 3 to 5 day rapid-learning environment installs swinging doors
    through perception walls that previously seemed impenetrable. You decide what you want to use, where your focus is, and what you want to change in your life. There are no rules or even dogmas, and no method to memorize (and forget...). Instead you are given powerful distinctions that create clarity, possibility, and lively connections. This extraordinary core-training provides you with astonishing skills in the area of listening, speaking, feeling, experiencing and interacting, to make your life richer, more vivid and conscious, bring you closer to your vocation, and allow you to create more fulfilling and nourishing relationships. The training offers space for experimenting, authentic interactions, and many brilliant light-bulb moments. The experiences are both amazing and sustainable at the same time. Expand The Box is required before you can participate in any of the Possibility Labs. It is also the first Possibility Management training you will deliver.

    Participate in Ten Possibility Labs...

    ...it's up to you.

    Ten Possibility Labs???

    Yes, ten.

    Why ten?

    There are hundreds of core initiatory processes needed to build a platform for living an adult and archetypal life in 21st Century. Fifteen of these initiations are BIG. Trainers typically deliver one or two of the BIG initiations in each Possibility Lab, and squeeze in as many of the smaller initiations as they can. The experience is quite intense because there is a speed-limit to how fast a human being can evolve. PLabs promote your evolution at the fastest sustainable speed. The limit is how fast you can build matrix. Building matrix is not necessarily comfortable. Neither is learning about what you never imagined could be learned about before.

    Also, please keep in mind that your purpose in PLabs is not only personal. It is also professional. You will need to deliver these healing and transformational services to others. To do that it could be wise to experience the initiations yourself first.

    It takes 6 or 8 Labs (Women's Lab, Men's Lab, Gaia Lab, Possibility Village Lab, Adventure Lab, Evolutionaries Lab, Relationship Lab, Gameworld Builder Lab, Outdoor Lab, etc.) before you have hatched out of your childhood defense strategy and jacked into enough inner and outer resources that you can stabilize your day-to-day life in authentic adulthood. Meanwhile there will be a point at which you will naturally want to start taking Trainer Skills Labs.

    Deliver Possibility Coaching...

    ...it's up to you.

    By the end of your second or third Possibility Lab you will probably already be able to help another person separate their mixed emotions so they can be more effective and alive in their daily lives and relationships. This is nearly miraculous. A session takes 1.5 to 2 hours and costs on a sliding scale between €100 and €300. This is the money you can use to pay for your next Lab. Here is how you can advertise your services:

    • Are you looking for a new direction in your life?
    • Do you have the impression that you are stuck and don’t know how to shift the current situation?
    • Do you simply feel that something in your life has to change?
    • Are you standing at a crossroad not knowing which direction to choose?
    • Have you reached a dead end in your job and are looking for your true vocation?
    • Are you seeking clarity with regard to your talents and skills to unfold your full potential?
    • Would you like to explore who you actually are?

    A Possibility Coaching session is entirely dedicated to your special needs and topics. We immediately custom design new possibilities for you so that you can live a more successful and fulfilling life. In a radically safe space you can express what might have been suppressed inside of you for decades. We don’t only work on the intellectual level but also on the physical, emotional, energetic, and archetypal levels. You get new orientation, new clarity, and new inspiration to create your own life actively and truthfully.

    Participate in several Trainer Skills Labs...

    ...it's up to you.

    Modern society is taking a long walk off a short pier.
    This means that personal development is not just about you anymore. Personal development is crucial for the continued existence of human beings on planet Earth.
    What parts of the changes that are needed does your Archetypal Lineage give you consistent impulses to deliver? What stops you from taking radically-committed creative actions to help make these changes? Where can you find a space that is safe enough yet clear and confrontive enough to provide the transformational and healing processes you need to get on track with your own destiny? We suggest the answer might be: Trainer Skills Labs. Who decides when you are qualified to participate in your first Trainer Skills Lab? The universe decides. How? If you are there, you are qualified to be there. How do you get there? That would be up to your own creativity, wouldn't it? Is this a test? (That's an official PM movie quote. If you can name the movie in less than a minute you get one matrix point!)

    Deliver Your First Expand The Box training...

    ...it's up to you.

    Invite three or four of your friends to join you and a Trainer from the Trainer Torus while you deliver your 3-day Practice Expand The Box training.

    Your practice Expand The Box training is delivered for no tuition. Participants give you ongoing highest-quality ruthless feedback and coaching from their group intelligence during the experiences you navigate for them. Thereafter, if the Trainer agrees, you charge the full tuition for each further Expand The Box training you deliver, a sliding scale between €650 to €950 adjusted to the local economy, plus room and food. Training organizers receive 20% after expenses.

    Since Possibility Management is open code and copyleft (CC BY SA 4.0 International License) there are no fees or commissions to pay to those who trained you to be a Trainer. We Trainer Torus members do, however, share the development and maintenance costs of our lovely www.possibilitymanagement.org website, about €15 a month per Trainer.

    For hints and guidelines about creating an Expand The Box training in your area please check out http://createanexpandthebox.strikingly.com

    Join the Trainer Torus...

    ...it's up to you, sort of...

    No one can become a Trainer for you. More interestingly, no one can stop you from serving your Archetypal Lineage as a Trainer.

    The main objective of the Trainer Torus is to support and empower each other to deliver our unique Trainer capacities for the benefit of humanity and Gaia.

    Especially the new Trainers...

    Especially the young Trainers... We know that new young Trainers are flying on a wing and a prayer...

    We know that each risk you take to speak out radically is a precious, tender, delicate moment powered by a mere puff of courage... courage that can grow when appreciated by others.

    No other profession must sacrifice their worldview so radically, must fall into the void of utter groundlessness to the same degree and intensity as the transformational training professions.

    The apprenticeship experience can be so... lonely...

    This is one reason we come together several times each year at Trainer Torus Togethering. Other reasons we come together are to build each other's Trainer matrix, to share the nuts-and-bolts of new discoveries, to upgrade the Trainer Torus gameworld strategy and tactics, to provide kick-butt Gremlin-proof personal processes for each other, and to train Trainer-Trainers. There is no tuition for Trainer Torus Togetherings. We share costs for housing and food.

      Commit to the Future of the Trainer Guild Torus gameworld...

      ...it's up to you.

      The Trainer Torus thrives from the creative contributions of the people who need it to exist. If that is you, then you bring yourself into the Trainer Torus.
      We keep researching together where else the Trainer Torus can serve the evolution of human consciousness? How else can we help people over the bridges to next culture, to archearchy?
      What if you consider creating your versions of these projects:

      What are your other ideas?

      Train and Coach new Trainers...

      ...it's up to you.

      Phase 1 of becoming a Possibility Management Trainer may take you a few years, about the same time and effort as a university degree.

      In Phase 1 of becoming a Trainer you take ownership of your center, your feelings, your voice, and your adult authority. You get bigger than your birth culture and walk through the world as the source person for the culture you would love to live in. From then on you never have to be adaptive or leave your own culture. Meanwhile, you slide open your Pearl, distill your Bright and Shadow Principles, take possession of your Gremlin, stellate the 4 lineages, and when your 4 Bodies come into balance you naturally jack-in to your 5th body: your Archetypal Lineage, and you become your Destiny in action.

      Phase 2 of becoming a Possibility Trainer starts when you expand the gameworld of Possibility Management by building your circle, creating an Expand The Box training, and training and coaching new Trainers.

    • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Where did the Trainer Torus come from?

      a story...

      Way back in 1975 a young Physics student named Clinton Callahan realized he was not learning what he really wanted to learn at the California Polytechnic State University. He eventually became frustrated enough to post flyers for a meeting to discuss alternative possibilities. To his fearful surprise, more than seventy-five students showed up, even though he had never given a talk before in his life... After that nerve-wracking evening he met weekly with a small group of explorers to support each other moving through their personal and social blocks, and learning what they truly wanted to learn. Clinton's Box meticulously documented whatever the team discovered that was useful. By 'accident' in 1991 Clinton's hobby of navigating nonlinear discovery spaces became his profession when he was hired as a secretary in a small Arizona training company. Then in 1995 the universe grabbed Clinton by the scruff of his neck and dropped him in the middle of Europe where people were more open to abandoning their birth culture and trying out new thoughtware. Finally, in March of 1998 (twenty years ago...) Clinton delivered the first prototype of Expand The Box training in Hamburg, Germany. Within a couple of years graduates were demanding next steps, so Possibility Labs were invented. As individuals stepped into their own authority they began delivering Expand The Box and Possibility Labs themselves and became the first members of what was then called the Possibility Trainer Guild.

      In 2016 Marion Callahan spearheaded the creation of a new and comprehensive Possibility Management gameworld website (www.possibility management.org), and by December of that same year the Trainer Guild had matured enough that Clinton could step backwards away from being the main spaceholder of the Trainer Guild and could become merely one of the Possibility Trainers, starting over with his own personal website and newsletter.

      In March 2018 the next exciting chapter of the Trainer Guild emerged, namely, taking full responsibility for serving the request for stable local Possibility Trainer-Training circles in various new countries around the world. Thus the need for this website. Then at the April 2018 Trainer Research Lab at Möglichketenraum in Steinhagen the Trainer Guild transformed in a sudden death and resurrection show. What emerged was what we now are, the Trainer Torus, using a spontaneously-invented non-hierarchical self-organizing meeting and decision-making form called Torus Technology.

      For sure this is not the end of the story!

      What Is Possibility Management?

      a context...

      Possibility Management encompasses a spectrum of innovative soft skills which allow you to liberate inherent but often overlooked resources. To these tools we combine core elements from other important teachings, such as Transactional Analysis, originated by Eric Berne, and Parent Effectiveness Training, originated by Thomas Gordon. However, most of Possibility Management has been derived empirically, by trial and error experiments repeated over many years. This is why it delivers such a fresh and remarkably effective impact. It is for the most part different from anything you've ever seen before.

      Possibility Management is an evolving co-creation space that uses thoughtware, tools, and processes that emerge from the context of radical responsibility.

      Possibility Management is not derived from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, gestalt therapy, or any of the works of Freud or Jung. It is not religion and not philosophy. There is nothing to believe.

      Possibility Management is freely available and not bound to any copyright.

      Possibility Management was initiated by Clinton Callahan in 1975 and has been steadily emerging through private experiments by small circles of individuals in Europe and North America. Since 1998 Possibility Management has been delivered in Expand The Box trainings and then Possibility Labs as well as other training formats.

      Thoughtware from Possibility Management is published in a number of books from Hohm Press and Next Culture Press, including Edgeworker by Nicola Nagel and Patrizio Servidio (only available in German), Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings (deutsch: Die Kraft des bewussten Fühlens), Radiant Joy Brilliant Love (deutsch: Wahre Liebe im Alltag), and Goodnight Feelings (deutsch: Gute Nacht Gefühle) by Clinton Callahan, translated into German by Marion Callahan.

      Many additional writing and video projects are in the works, including StartOver.xyz, the massively-multiplayer, online-and-offline, personal-transformation, thoughtware-upgrade game!

      Dive in!

      Who Is In the Trainer Guild Torus?

      a community of practice...

      You will find a list of Expand The Box trainers and Possibility Lab trainers on the Possibility Management website at this link.

      But there are twice as many people as this in the Trainer Torus.

      Who are they? How did they get there? And... what do they want?

      Good questions!

      Their biggest claim to togetherness is that they are really good friends, the best kind of friends you could ever want.

      At the same time, they are adventurous creators trying new things together for the benefit of others. For example, Michael Pörtner, Michael Hallinger and Dagmar Thürnagel just returned from delivering the first ever Expand The Box trainings in Australia, and Anna Norambeuna with Julia Neumann from New Zealand and Maciek Antkowiak from Poland just took a stand to be spaceholders for developing local Trainer Circles in their respective countries. Lisa Kuchenmeister communicates problems and possibilities between the Trainer Torus and our website developers, and Ralf Kolem and Marina Deeken just quit the Trainer Torus to move to Costa Rica and be... well... trainers. Anne-Chloé Destremau was just teaching carrot-breaking to the youth at Demokratische Stimme der Jugend during a MoveLab with Clinton Callahan, and Katharina Kaifler and Georg Pollitt just delivered an ETB and PLab in Oregon, USA, to New Culture people, while Matteo Tangi and his friend just invented a Being Retreat called Being Together and offer it in Portugal, and right this minute Patrizia Servidio and Michaela Kaiser and Michael Pörtner are downstairs delivering a Trainer Skills Lab to a dozen enthusiastic new Trainer-types (except for the guy in a liquid state who is barfing and shivering on the couch by the fireplace...) ...these are the sorts of people you might expect to find in the Trainer Guild Torus.

      What do Possibility Trainers do?

      an archetypal lineage...

      Centuries ago, in the bad old days, there were a number of professions that everyone knew about and called upon to handle problems that no other professionals were trained to handle. Longstanding feuds raged on between neighbors, cows had trouble giving birth, people could not express their deep love to each other, arguments and fights erupted in personal and business relationships, emotional and psychological breakdowns ripped people's lives to shreds, illnesses wouldn't heal, and youth desperately wanted to become adult in a culture that was vastly different from the one they were born and raised in. The evolution of consciousness was not well supported by the religions, nor was it understood in the educational system as a crucial element of a healthy human society. All of this together meant that the transformational and nonlinear healing professions were quite busy serving their villages.

      Then the Catholic Inquisitors came along and the witch burnings started. This was a nasty turn of events for the edgeworkers.

      What we have discovered in Possibility Management is that burning a witch does not end her career. It only postpones it a little.

      Declaring that alchemy is blasphemy, or that researching the structure of the universe is heretical does not stop the alchemists, sorceresses, shamans, healers, researchers, and wizards forever. It just delays the wealth of new understanding and possibilities they can provide.

      These days,

      in the modern capitalistic patriarchal empire...

      with smart phones...

      the situation is only a little better.

      The part that is better is the lack of witch burnings.

      This means that all of you who decided never to come back and challenge the status quo again for fear the authorities would catch you and burn you and your house and your children... again... you can come out from hiding now. It is safe to get back to work.

      We need you.

      It's time to keep serving the world at its heart center, researching the fringes, providing transformational services in areas most important to a truly human life. This is what Possibility Trainers are here to help you do.

      Why are two logos associated with the Trainer Torus?

      a reasonable question...

      One logo is the cube and the sphere from Possibility Management, where the cube represents current reality and the sphere represents unlimited possibilities. The connection between the cube and the sphere symbolizes the ever-present possibility of transformation - the mythical sphering of the cube.


      The other logo associated with the Trainer Torus is an infinity-sign surrounded by a thin circle, which represents the archetypally initiated adult feminine everythingness creatively collaborating with the archetypally initiated adult masculine nothingness of next culture - archearchy - the culture that naturally emerges after matriarchy and patriarchy have gone their way.


      The Trainer Torus finds resonance with these two symbols because we have discovered that 'coincidentally' Possibility Management is thoughtware for archearchy. It is the commitment of the Trainer Torus to upgrade human thoughtware so that humanity has a better chance at having a future on Earth.

      What is the difference between an Educator and a Trainer?

      a dangerous question...

      An Educator provides already known information for you to think about in classes.

      A Trainer upgrades the thoughtware you are using to think with in trainings.

      An Educator adds content to your mind.

      A Trainer shift the context of your Being.

      In classes you learn something new through studying what others have already figured out.

      In trainings you become something new through navigating the liquid states of leaping away from the known and discovering new territory.

      Clearly both Educators and Trainers are needed in a healthy society.

      Modern culture promotes education as if knowing the right stuff is everything. But duplicating the already known is terminating life on Earth. Skills for navigating the unknown are crucial to inventing humanity's next cultures that will be regenerative.

      Where are the Trainers?

      If you are trying to deliver trainings in an educational environment the authorities automatically freak out and will unconsciously do whatever they can to kill you.

      Trying to deliver trainings in a gameworld that wants you to deliver classes is like trying to be a midwife in an old people's home...

      ...not very appropriate.

      Perhaps you have been serving as an Educator but your true calling is to serve as a Trainer.

      If that is your situation, you might want to change the gameworld in which you are playing...

      Gaia is desperately in need of Trainers these days.

      How does the Trainer Guild Torus deliver Archetypal Initiations?

      a new question...

      One way to understand archetypal initiations is to regard each person as inhabiting five bodies... physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, and archetypal.

      The first four bodies are rather straightforward to make sense of. For example:

      • The physical body has organs with sensations like smell, touch, taste, color, pressure, sound, vibration, temperature, moisture, and physical pain.
      • The intellectual body has a mind with ideas, concepts, opinions, beliefs, attitudes, rules, superstitions, constructs, stories, and attention.
      • The emotional body has a heart with feelings and emotions, and strong mixed emotions such as shame, disgust, jealousy, guilt, aggression, depression, despair, excitement, nostalgia, melancholy, hysteria, etc.
      • The energetic body has a Being with the capacity to experience presence, connection, will, intention, vision, commitment, and to ally with the transformationally creative qualities actively at work in the universe.

      Modern culture teaches us to identify ourselves with the intellectual and physical bodies, educating and feeding them far out of proportion to the emotional and energetic bodies.

      But what happens when you

      educate and train your emotional and energetic bodies to a more balanced internal collaboration?

      (This process, by the way, is called Inner Permaculture... much of the central foundational work in Possibility Management is Inner Permaculture.)

      What happens is that the four bodies become a stable platform upon which the fifth body automatically wakes up and comes online. Your archetypal body starts breathing to life a new world for you, a wider world, a multi-dimensional world... with new perceptions, new discernments, new powers, and new responsibilities. It is no wonder Hollywood is pumping out superhero movies these days. The human race is preparing itself to welcome archetypal bodies.

      As you might imagine, it requires significant preparations to prepare yourself for being intimate with another person in your archetypal body...

      But when you are ready... your readiness does something astonishing, nearly inexplicable. It makes life worth living. It makes all the other bodies and life experiences fit into place in a way that makes a whole new level of sense. It opens a mysterious gateway to vast domains for exploration, enjoyment, fulfillment, and wonder.

      You're right... this does not actually answer the question, "How does the Trainer Torus deliver archetypal initiations?"

      Hmmm... what it does do, however, is hopefully inspire you to directly experience the answers to that question yourself.

      It can help if you get into Possibility Labs where you can stellate your four feelings. (Stellate means to turn up to an archetypal level of intensity.) Each successful stellating process activates one of the four character structures in your archetypal body (Warrioress/Warrior through archetypal anger, Lover through archetypal sadness,

      Sorceress/Magician through archetypal fear,

      and Queen/King through archetypal joy).

      You will depend on these characters to take actions for you with their unique intelligence and energy to bring your Archetypal Lineage online in your life as an Earth Guardian, Intimacy Navigator, Evolutionary, or Gameworld Builder.










    • Regional Trainer Circle Spaceholders

      Some Archetypal Lineages direct a person to deliver Trainings. These are the Evolutionaries.

      Other Archetypal Lineages demand something more...

      If a big-picture vision causes you to inexplicably long for the Trainer Torus gameworld to grow into its fuller potential, then in addition to being one of the Evolutionaries, you are probably one of the Gameworld Builders.


      Gameworld Builders call Possibility Trainers into a local Trainer Circle to provide a stable source of authentic adulthood initiatory processes for their nanonation, country, or region.

      Such a circle stands on a context that neither understands nor supports 'I win you lose' competition between trainers. The creative collaboration context is abundant and generous while it transforms scarcity, fear, jealousy, low-drama, back-stabbing, or intrigue into awareness and then high-drama. Engaging in low-drama interplay is simply inconceivable.

      Instead the bigger vision prevails and the Trainer Circle joyously thrives on camaraderie, mutual support, compassion, love, empowerment, excitement, inspiration, encouragement, and radical reliance on Bright Principles.

      Trainer Circle members can never forget that seven billion customers are either dying, killing each other, or overpopulating the planet primarily due to their outdated thoughtware. There is a big job to do, and to do it we need each other, seriously.


      The following spaceholders are calling you to work together with them creating a local Trainer Circle to stabilize the delivery of Possibility Management in their area.

      We are unspeakably grateful for their vision and commitment.

      - Switzerland -

      Georg Pollitt

      Swiss Trainer Torus Spaceholder

      I feel so much joy about new intimacy experiments and closer connection with fellow trainers, trainings filling themselves, and many moments of delight that I nearly don't know how to fully express while writing these lines. I am glad about my commitment to support new trainers as much as I can.




      - New Zealand -

      Ana Norambuena, Tristan Girdwood & Julia Neumann

      NZ Trainer Torus Spaceholders

      It is inconceivably important to us that New Zealand gains immediate access to the clarity and life-upgrading empowerment tools of Possibility Management as soon as possible.


      FB Page: @pminnz

      Website: https://possibilitymanagement.nz/

      - South Africa -

      Lluwellyn Diedericks

      SA Trainer Torus Spaceholder

      My sense is to engage a core group of people that see becoming trainers as a possibility for them. This will also allow the creation of sustainability in South Africa.



      - Japan-

      Echan Deravy

      Japan Trainer Torus Spaceholder

      It is good to see some Possibility Management trainers barefoot in the pictures. I live and work in Possibility Management too here in Japan. I recently managed the outrageous possibility that we can manage our health a hell of a lot better if we contact our planet. I made a film about it!


      Earthling Foundation

      Website: http://earthling.is/

      - Poland -

      Maciek Antkowiak

      Poland Trainer Torus Spaceholder

      Wroclaw (Breslow) is the hotbed of Possibility Management activity in Poland.



      - Australia -

      Michael Pörtner, Dagmar Thürnagel, and Michael Hallinger with Stacia Beasley and Gero Von Aderkas

      Australia Trainer Torus Spaceholders

    • trainer circle practicalities

      Strategy for Building a Local Possibility Trainer Team


      It takes a few years...

      Creating an Expand The Box training in your area awakens transformational talents that are often so astonishing they are indistinguishable from magic. This means Trainer Training could be called a magician’s school.


      Since Trainer Trainings teach you to establish a working relationship with the void, to hold safe but completely empty space, to make use of the endless resource of nothingness, it could be called a mystery school.


      Since Trainer Trainings teach you to build a business of training Trainers to upgrade human thoughtware to the context of radical responsibility, it could be called an incubator for social entrepreneurs.


      The procedure for calling together a dozen or so local witches, wizards, and sourcerers who are attracted to deliver Possibility Management trainings as a way of serving their Archetypal Lineage could go something like this:

      • First, of course, they would participate in one or two 5-day Expand The Box trainings and ten 5-day Possibility Labs during the next 2 years. The truly great thing about this is that after the Expand The Box and especially after the first Possibility Lab, the trainer types would be able to immediately pay for the whole thing including tuition, flights for Trainer Trainers, room and board and their own transportation using the skills, distinctions, and processes they learn from in Possibility Management. It would not cost them extra money if they simply implement the services they will learn. This includes talks, one-day or two-day workshops, single coaching sessions, processes during conferences and festivals. (I was paid for delivering processes for both large groups and individuals at: Fusion Festival near Berlin, Global Ecovillage Network Conferences, Ecovillage Design Education from Gaia Education, Zegg Ecovillage Summer Camp, and this summer we will deliver paid work at Boom! Festival in Portugal. Other trainers have similar experiences.)
      • One rare and precious quality of the Possibility Management Trainer Guild gameworld is the total absence of competition and low drama. Trainers help and support each other become better trainers unconditionally. Trainers usually deliver and navigate training spaces in pairs, and often switch around who they deliver trainings with.
      • The Trainer Circle Source Team would bring 15 or so women and men trainer-types together for the purpose of sourcing regenerative culture initiatory processes. Trainer-types are easy to find after they do the Distilling Destiny process (Chapter 8 of the Conscious Feelings book). They end up with Bright Principles such as: Transformation, Evolution, Possibility, Love, Clarity, Integrity, Creation, Change, Initiation, and High Level Fun.
      • The Trainer Circle should be an open group, because we have tried closed groups before and due to natural attrition from life-circumstance changes the groups kept dwindling in size. When you leave the Trainer Circle open then new people can keep joining. It is a joyous quality of the Trainer Circle culture for the older people to create the culture of helping the newer people get their feet on the ground.
      • We could plan 10 trips there over the next 2 or 3 years with a variety of trainer pairs, each trip for two or three weeks. On each trip we could deliver a combination of the following events and build an email list of interested people:
        • Public work-talks with lots of question-and-answer and practical demonstrations and exercises in book shops, yoga centers, etc.
        • Workshops for 1 or 2 days
        • Possibility Teams
        • Single Coachings
        • Events such as conferences, festivals, fairs, etc.
        • Radio and TV interviews
      • On the first trip we could deliver 2 or 3 Expand The Box trainings in various cities.
      • On the second trip we could deliver another 2 or 3 Expand The Box trainings, and by then we would have enough people on our Interested People list to deliver our first Possibility Lab.
      • Pretty soon we could deliver a couple ETBs plus PLab plus Trainer Lab, the group of Trainers and the participant circle would rapidly grow and stabilize. Each Trainer (capital "T" means radically responsible Trainer, and also Trainer differentiated from Educator. Educators deliver information and conceptual content for the mind - which is the 'Box' in PM terminology. Trainers facilitate shifts and expansions of the context of the Being. An Educator's class changes what you know. A Trainer's training changes who you are.)